What is going on on the market of Sleep Tracking equipment?

If the reader here is looking for a typical correspondence of a laudatory ode to one or another sleep tracker, then in vain.

There will be a hard and short review for the 6 trackers that I bought almost simultaneously in an attempt to understand the topic of sleep.

Why I was interested in the topic of the conversation is a separate conversation. I will say in brief, I would like to study a little the very concept of sleep and separate truth from fiction.

But I ran into other problems right away.


1. Most trackers have a very short life when used. No, they do not break, they just stop working because of their dull technology. The manufacturer initially bases the work of the tracker on the server type of interaction. That is, all the data (and there is not much of it) should go to the remote server, and only later (sometimes after 10 minutes) the result will be in the form of graphics. Of course, here you will immediately become dependent on the mercy of the manufacturer: I want to turn it on, I want to leave all responsibility.

As a result, 3 trackers are simply insanely expensive garbage.

2. It is in remote, server-based data processing is the most important problem. Imagine: you have an eavesdropping device installed in your house and connected to the Internet to drop your personal information directly to someone at home. Ideal for bandits! Moreover, such a device takes away a huge amount of different data, including the temperature, location of the client, sound, movement around the house, data passing through the router and much more. Awesome People just wanted to wonder how he sleeps, but they already took him on a pencil and gutted all the secrets. And it is not necessary for me here to say that the manufacturer is responsible and the manufacturer is a cool company. All this talk for the stupid. The manufacturer is only responsible in making money the simplest and it will be the least evil. But under the roof of the manufacturer more interested people can already hide and I would be very surprised if they didn’t do that.

3. The problem is already working trackers in the use of the resource cell phone. Yes, and understandable. Cutting off the data from the phone or the neighborhood, it all takes away a lot of energy.

4. Well, and the last. Suppose you do not care that someone is listening to you in the brazen 24 hours and even suppose you have found a tracker that does something. But to understand what is all the same dream, they give a very weak. Those who still work stupidly take data about your body movements on the bed and perhaps about the pulse and from this they conclude: sleep or not sleep and if you sleep then firmly or toss and turn. No data is taken from the brain. EEG (EEG) is not closely applied here. That is, for a hundred bucks, you get a heart rate monitor with a bluetooth well, a bunch of junk software for tracking you.

And now if the reader is interested further, let us briefly analyze each sleep tracker.

1. Let's start with the most "cool" with frills and all kinds of personal belongings: Withings Aura. Garbage is a huge by the standards of the tracker thing, resembling an air intake on an old steamer.

I do not know why, but I want to call him a "Matigulnik". Probably so it was used on the ship in the old days to transfer bad words into the bowels of the ship. Well, I digress a little, although at the sight of this structure on my night table, I want to use it like that to get my frustrated feelings somewhere on the air.

This garbage is quite uvestaya and in height about 37 cm. The mat for cats is attached to it. Or rather a thin mattress that rolls out under a sheet.

He is also not small and takes quite a lot of space on the bed.

When turned on, this trouble does nothing at once, unless it shows a clock (there is a small luminous display there).

Immediately it becomes clear what to do something on the cell. We are looking for software. Wow! more than 50 meg for Android is alarming. What for ?!

Even more alarming warnings from the cellular: the program will climb into all the holes and will follow and send everything on the most do not spoil! The first reaction is, well, it nafig! And cut down the installation. After 5 minutes, an awareness comes: after all, I bought for a hundred bucks garbage and all for nothing if I did not install the program. Okay, I decide on such a desperate step, maybe the company and not such gangsters or blow over .... After installation, I realize that the software is 100 years of freshness there, and you need to look again for something new and download it again and have more spyware gadgets. I would even be glad to see the old software, but there was absolutely no device of ours, but some kind of smart scales and other nonsense to anyone. Finally in an hour we can try something. Prog immediately climbs without talking looking for all the Wifi in the district and requires a password to one of them. I've thought, once developed such bold and desperate tear-heads, then why would they themselves not do a hack near the grids?

All right, we give them the password from one and routers, which is completely separated for stupid tasks. He climbs into the Internet, like the drunkard in the tavern, when the valves are lit! Immediately the question is: Why do you need this software? What our device do you want to use? Find to

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