Do not brew coffee with boiling water

It is believed that coffee is not a simple drink, it combines many useful substances. How do you need to properly cook it? Gourmets thought of a new way of brewing coffee and called for using "cold" brewing. For the experiment, scientists selected four varieties of coffee beverage and brewed them at a different temperature of water. It turned out that it was the room temperature that best revealed the useful properties of coffee beans. Of these, the greatest amount of caffeine and antioxidant substances (chlorogenic acid) is released. Moreover, the additional positive effect of brewing was observed when using coffee beans with an average level of roasting. In particular, as American scientists recall, coffee has a beneficial effect on the nervous, cardiovascular systems, metabolic processes in the body. Namely, it reduces the risks of dementia, cirrhosis, strokes and heart failure, improves fertility and reduces body weight. But do not forget about the effects of abuse of an invigorating drink, for example, exacerbation of infections of the genitourinary system, exacerbation of gastritis or stomach ulcers, tachycardia (see the benefits and harms of coffee).

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