Wood or Solar?

Many people think that wood is very old and polluting technology. In my opinion it is not so obvious which one is polluting more: wood or carbon substance burner or solar.

Firstly in order to make one ton of raw Si it takes around 7-8 ton of other raw material,  including about 2 tons of coal (combined raw and purified charcoal). In order to come up with that amount of raw material another ton of fuel or equivalent of energy will be spend. But this is only the beginning of the Solar panel production cycle.

In order to purify raw Si in to wafer grade ingots it takes about 40-100MWh per ton of pure silicone. On top of it it is extremely environmentally unfriendly as byproducts and ingredients used are very toxic. Purifying low grade silicon into a purer form of  polysilicon—creates the very toxic compound silicon tetrachloride.

Overall the production of Si solar panels are extremely wasteful and toxic. So your 1000Wh solar panel comes at the very high price tag as it comes to nature and energy involved.

Isn't it better to utilize nature provided solar energy absorption by plants or algae and burn it in order to release the energy stored by plants in those carbon materials?

Plants photo synthesis is also not very efficient (around 1-2%), but it comes with benefits of clean air and pleasant environment for human living.

Thinking in that path, I was searching and making lots of experiments with different types of burners of heaters.

My last one was based on the "Rocket stove" idea, but modified for small, confined spaces. Rocket stove is meant to be used outside. It is lucking of chimney or exhaust and it is not always smoke free, to start it up.

This one meant to burn solid fuel (wood, pallets, plastic, paper or fabric) but modified for burning oil like used car oil or other waste.

Here is my first prototype:

It has turbo mode (fan) to start up burning for smoke free and fast start

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