Q: Why did we called this company UniUtilis? A: We thought to reflect our motto or the idea of this company with 2 words in Latin: Uni (unique) and Utilis (Useful). We will try to promote unique or special items that are not commonly found on the shelves of your regular store. Also we care about usefulness of our items.

We would like to be educators and promoters of progressive things in human life. Many of our ideas are debatable. One might think that another plasma big screen is the epiphany of the human progress. We think differently and view lots of conventional merchandise as of waste of money or resources. We do not claim that "we know IT all". But yet, we see many human real needs has been pushed to the back, and something that considered as a toy to waste time and money- has been promoted in conventional stores.

Sponsors and participants are welcome. We are always interested in people that wish to do good and do something interesting.

For some of our projects we are looking for helpers. Please look in to our links to discover some of our projects in the progress.

 We are in the discovery mode. Please send us your ideas. Also we would be happy to publish your article and advertise your business as long as it matches our goals and ideas. So please send us something new and interesting to publish here. If you wish to be an administrator for one of our news sections, we would be happy to look in to your credentials.

Our commercial part is just a test ground for our theory to see if we can find products with highest figure of usability Uu.

This whole concept of qualifying any given product or item is our attempt to view retailed things objectively.  In the last 50-60 years commercials, injections of free money in to the system and rampant loss of common sense made anarchy in the fields of retail values.  We believe that such strange times are very short in the scales of history and are going to evolve in to more structured way of life.  Our point of being here is to educate people and also help them to choose wisely.

Mr- is money spent on repair during whole period of usability.

C is more complex coefficient, which combine projected load of usability. For example if you used your VCR only 2 times a year C=0.01, where your wrist watch constantly hanging on your wrist would have C=1. C can be estimated by following formulae C=(tu*N)/T  where N-numbers of usages over life time T and   tu- is the period of time used in each usage. VCR used ones a year for 1 hour with 5 years of life time would give us 5*1/8760hr= 5.7e-4

T- is time of total usability until discarded. Another words T is the lifetime of the product.

The simplified formula would be as follows: Uu=M(U*T*C)/(M+Mr)

This is the link for Figure of Usability calculator.

Where Uu – is mentioned above normalized merit of usability (number that represent usefulness of an item). M- your money spent for initial purchase. U- subjective coefficient of usability. For example plasma TV can have about U=0.5 superficial usability compared to laptop with U=1. Argument is that the laptop can be used as TV to watch a movie, but TV can’t be used as a laptop. U is very superficial number between 0 and 1. It can be obtain via statistics pole as well as common sense perception.

We formed this company to answer very urgent need of people to find reliable and useful things. We would like to introduce merit of usefulness (or a constant Uu- uniqueness and usefulness) to characterize products available on the market. The equivalent of this number of usefulness in physics would be the Energy efficiency of given device.  Let’s say you invested X amount of money, how much can you get from your investment?